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...You can overnight in our motel for 20 euro with breakfast in the morning with fantastic atmosphere!!! Click Here to see the prizes!!!
  Our adress:

Resmihan Kenci
Beyaz Gul Motel Restaurant
Maras Mahallesi Balikhane sk no: 26-28

Phone Turkey: 00-90-2522842304
Phone Netherlands: 00-31-(0)642946670

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Motel Restaurant Beyaz Gul is open from april until october
Motel Restaurant Beyaz Gul is a pleasant familiemotel with 5
rooms which are oriental decorated.
The rooms have shower, toilet and airconditioning. In total 14
persons can overnight.
One room has a terrace so if you want this room you have to
make a reservation.

The design of our motel is tastfull en makes you feel at home as
our guest. Beyaz Gul offers her guests a unique combination of
hospitality and service at high level with accomodation an 

What makes a visit to our motel so special?
First there is the absolutely gorgeous postition.
Direct across the river with the best view at the rock tombs which 
are lightened after 10 pm.
Beyaz Gul is know as the best place and view at the rock tombs.
A unique environment where we will receive you in a warm an
hospitable atmosphere. Our restaurant is also the ultimate in 
outdoor dining, offering innovative Turkish traditional cuisine.
The Motel is 150 m to the centre of Dalyan and harbour.
It is surrounded by lots of worth seeing sights and place
of interests. 

The pleasent and enjoyable centre with it's shops and
terraces and boulevard where the boats tie up.
The harbour and boulevard is the place for boats to
begin their boat trips. 

Dalyan is a paradise where nature and history embrace 
each other.

The prices of our motel are low compare with the qualities.
When you come with a group you can get discount which
can be up to 15%!
We can arrange the boats trips and other activities for you
so you wouldn't miss anything of what Dalyan has to offer.

On the left entrance of the restaurant, right entrance of motel

All our rooms have aircondition, shower and toilet
What is the best way to come to Dalyan? Very simple!
Fill in the registration form an confirm your dates.
Take a cheap flight to Dalaman (april-october).
Because we have your arrival date we will pick you up
at the airport. Within half an hour you will be in your room.

Another half hours later you will be sitting near the river
watching the rock tombs while you are having a nice
Turkish meal with a nice Turkish glass of wine.

Dalyan is not spoiled with tourists. It's a natural protected
area what we are very proud of.
We had to fight to get the status of protected area which
wasn't always very nice.

Writing letters to the government and having
demonstrations lead to this result.

The rooms are very nice and pleasant.
The rooms are decorated in orient style.
We hope you feel at home and ask us when
you have a problem. 

Don't worry about things but just simply ask it. 
We will help you with it.
Because we are there for you.

There is just one thing. We cannot offer you more
space because we haven't any. This is because
of the rules of Dalyan. It's all protected area
especially across the river. Expanding is not
allowed. So you will not find a pension or motel
with more than 2 floors.

You can swim in the river which is very nice.
It's clean and warm.
The stairs to the terrace
only room 4 has terrace
2 personroom
3 person and 1 child

This is the front entrance of Beyaz Gul

On the background you see the water

You can sit there and enjoy the boots
travelling by.

See the beatifull view of the rock tombs
and the acropolis.

Have a nice swim and after your swim,
enjoy the Turkish traditional cuisine!

The restaurant is outdoor which is very comfortable
designed and organized.

You sit under orange, olive, lemon, banana, and
grape trees. Listen to Turkish music or the music
of nature itself.

Our food is prepared outside. You can have a look
at our cook how he prepares your meal.
You can sit near the barbeque if you want to.
Our personnel is pleased to help you explaining
what Turkish food is all about.

Beyaz Gul is the first restaurant in Dalyan which began
the ocakbasi method. Ocakbasi stand for open
kitchen with a long barbeque where you can sit at
and watch or simpy use it yourself.

          Toilets outside

                  The restaurant outside

                         The restaurant inside

The place where you can order your starters and main dish

On the left you see the ocakbasi method.
It stands for a long barbeque where you 
can sit and watch the cook or simply prepare
it yourself!

Here you can learn about the Turkish cuisine.

Come and sit down....have a nice drink and
enjoy your holiday!

Buy your meat or fish and prepare yourself
if you want to.

The view when you stand up early. Sit on our terrace and enjoy the silence of the Lycian Rock Tombs

We get often hungry visitors you see?

Another view from our terrace...the Acropolis of Caunos

This is how the sunset looks like in Beyaz Gul!

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